100% original wordpress plugin and theme

original wordpress plugin and theme

GPHP.IR’s policy and goals

Many sites offer free WordPress plugins and commercial and Pro themes for free download. but not Original WordPress plugin and theme

Some of these sites do not have product updates and the user has to download and use old and outdated versions.

Many of these outdated and old versions have security issues and have been fixed in future updates, and using these versions can damage and attack your site.

Some of these sites also supply up-to-date versions, but they have put malicious and backdoors code inside the themes or plugins, and the site will be attacked and abused.

original wordpress plugin and theme

But our site provides these plugins and themes from a reputable and reliable sites, after checking them for malicious and eliminating their licenses, we provides them to you for free.

Download Essential WordPress Plugin

You can check all the WordPress plugin and themes with online antivirus and anti-malware; Or check them out for yourself if you’re good at it.

Why we bring all of these for free

The purpose of offering these free and premium WordPress plugins and themes for free is to support small and start-up businesses at the beginning of their business.

After usage and obtaining the necessary financial ability, please purchase original versions from their main sites.

This site is a subset of GETPHP.IR.

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