Starting the Site “GPHP.IR”

Starting the site GPHP.IR in the field of PHP scripts, Python, WordPress and… Optimization, server, SEO

Starting the site “GPHP.IR”; the site has been launched today with a focus on a variety of programming scripts, including PHP, Python, and..

In addition, the field of site activity will be programming, site design, SEO and of course WordPress.


  • WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress optimization
  • WordPress Techniques

Codes and Scripts:

  • Code Snippets
  • Applications and PHP, Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS scripts


  • Server Set up and optimization
  • Install Web server
  • Install Linux Apps
  • Installation and personalization of own hosting
  • (Installation and configuration of VPN (virtual private networks

Other activity fields also added later.

Our site will not use any malicious or tampered codes, and the codes will be published after the review.

This site (GPHP.IR) is one of the sub-sites of GETPHP.IR.

We are proud to use your comments and cooperation to improve the performance of the site.

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